Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Gift

My husband and I are going to a wedding on Saturday. The daughter of some friends is getting married. I decided to make their wedding gift--a table runner. I am told their dishes are blue so I think this table runner will do the trick. I bought this fabric ages ago and found it while rooting around in my stash yesterday for something that would go with the blue dishes. I cut it out, pieced it using a Triple Star block pattern that I found on the internet, added some sashing and borders, machine quilted it, mostly in the ditch, and voila! Here is another picture of the runner, modeled by my lovely daughter.

I sure hope they like it! If they don't, they can give it back and I will use it here!


  1. Very pretty! Nice job. I'm sure they will love it. I would. :)

  2. That is a lovely block. And your color makes it even better.

  3. Love it, but then I LOVE anything blue! If she doesn't like it, it will look good over here too :-). I'm sure the bride will love it!!

  4. Where did you find this pattern? I'd love to add this star to a star quilt I'm doing!

    Love your table runner. They'd have to be crazy not to love this!