Friday, July 23, 2010

Carolina Christmas: Step 4 AND Charity Quilt quilted.

Christine and I got together on Wednesday night to work on Step 4 of Carolina Christmas. We got our HST's sewn for this step. Pressing and trimming the dog ears are this week's homework. I finished my homework yesterday.When cleaning up my sewing room, I found a few more orange FQ's that I had purchased for this quilt. I used some of them in these HST units and will also use them in the pieced border. I love the orange flame fabric! I also added a few more neutral fabrics as I was running low on those. Christine and I have planned a sewing afternoon for next week and we hope to finish Step 4--broken dishes units. THEN...we get to start putting blocks together! The excitement is building! I can hardly wait to see how the blocks will look!

I quilted the children's charity quilt yesterday--just straight lines making X's on each square. I used orange thread. I can't find my rotary cutter at the moment so I can't do the binding. If anyone sees it, please let me know!!! The binding will be orange.
In the meantime, I have started to work on tidying my sewing room. This is a major project. I went through my FQ stash last night--I am quite sure I have STABLE--STAsh Beyond Life Expectancy. Most of my FQ's were not washed yet so I sorted them into piles according to colour and washed them. Now, I have a huge pile of wrinkly fabric to iron and fold.
Before I fold everything and put it away, I am going to trim off the selvages and add them to my bin of selvages. I have another selvage project in mind...

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  1. You are making great progress at every stage of quilting! Love that you used orange thread for quilting!