Monday, July 5, 2010

A Winter Finish! (In July!)

I spent much of today sewing, but before I could get started, I had to load some bobbins up so I would not have to stop to do this later.Last December, I made several table runners and placemats with mittens on them. The placemats were donated to Meals on Wheels and the table runners were gifts. At the time, I started a mitten table runner for myself, and never did finish it. I found it languishing in a pile of UFO's in my sewing room last week and decided to finish it now so that I can put it out on display this winter!
In the same pile of UFO's, I also found a Fall Runner which I pieced last Summer for myself but never finished. I made two other Fall runners as gifts for others and they were done on time, but not the one for me. Today, I quilted my runner and plan on putting the binding on it tomorrow. I will post a picture when I am done. There are more projects waiting to be completed as well...stay tuned.
Christine and I got together tonight for a 3 hour sewing session to work on our Carolina Christmas Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts. We are about 1/2 done Step 3. We have decided to sew our bonus HST's as we go along so we will have to come up with a project for them later. For now, they are going into zip-loc bags, awaiting inspiration (and time!) Here are my units so far--I have just started to do the trimming. Here is a picture of Christine's progress.
Again, we gave ourselves some homework to do before we get together again next week--trim and press everything we have sewn for Step 3 so far. We hope to finish sewing our Step 3 units next week.


  1. Good girls to sew up those bonus triangles!! That's what Bonnie would do :-)

  2. Having a tray full of filled bobbins is my equivalent of being rich ;)
    Great blog, thanks for sharing.