Thursday, July 29, 2010

Row Robin and Carolina Christmas -step 4 done

The London Friendship Quilters' Guild did a Row Robin this year. This is the last row that I made for someone else in my group of 4 quilters. The theme of Edith's quilt is Transportation. It is a quilt for a child. Everyone else in our group had covered all of the transportation modes except flying. It took me a while to find appropriate pictures to use for my row and I am a little late getting it done--but it is done now. Now, I just have to get all of the rows back to Edith... I hope she likes the row I made for her quilt.

Christine and I got together yesterday afternoon to work on Step 4 of Carolina Christmas. We both made great progress at completing this step as we sewed yesterday afternoon. I finished off all of my step 4 broken dishes units (104 of them!) this morning. Here they are:

Christine and I will not be able to get together for the next couple of weeks as both of us are busy. We get to start putting the blocks together next! Here are all of the step 1-4 units I have completed:
We have spent many hours sewing and we are both excited to see how the blocks look!

I am working on another project--a give-away to celebrate 30,000 visits to my blog. I will post details shortly.

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