Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am so sorry...it is all my fault!

Back in early December, I decorated my house with all my snowmen and Christmas stuff. I put this sign up on my mantle, quite innocently, but it worked. The day after I put it up, the snow started and we just keep getting more and more snow. Even though we have had a couple of thaws, it snowed again and again, and now the ground is still white.

I just want everyone to know that I have put my sign and all my snowmen away in a bin in the basement. I am sorry I left them out so long...

I need to get a "Welcome Spring" sign to put up on my mantle...

I hope to see some of these soon:
I saw some green shoots in the spot where these grow during the last thaw.


  1. I was blaming the weatherman for all of this snow, and it's been your fault all along!! So glad you have put up your "Welcome Spring" sign. But, do you think that on the first day of April you could put up your "Welcome Summer" to correct the blunder you made of Winter?

  2. I fear this winter it just won't be enough...go downstairs, get that sign out and bury it about 10 feet under!!! LOL This has been rediculous!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments...I'll be in London in May for Quilt Canada and I know jacqui!!! LOL

  4. It is nice to have someone to blame. I just wish you had put the sign away a lot sooner. We are expecting more snow this afternoon..yuck!