Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Orange Peel Class: Part 2

Today was the big day--we had our second and final Indian Orange Peel class all day.(Here is the post on the first class back in November.) Heather Stewart, our teacher, used one student's 4 patches and arcs to show an example of how to lay the blocks out.

Then, we paired off to help each other with our layouts and distribution of our arcs.

Heather made the rounds and gave everyone advice after looking through her peek hole to make sure we had the colours arranged to encourage the eye to move around each quilt.

It took all morning for each pair to figure out where to put the pieces and then label them all and pin them down to a sheet so we would not forget where they were supposed to be.The first picture below is my quilt.

Each quilt was different from all the rest and really reflected each quilter's personality and preferences.

There was so much eye candy, it was hard to stay focused on my own quilt--I kept wandering around the room to see everyone's progress.

Barb is a real keener and decided to make her quilt 5X7 blocks--she even had her layout figured out before she arrived today!!!

After lunch, Heather taught us how to do curved piecing so we could attach the arcs to each 4 patch.

This proved to be quite challenging and I think everyone had a chance to use their stitch ripper at some point!

Here is my finished block.

We also started making the "kites" and "u's" for the outer border. I finished one kite.

There was lots of sewing going on all afternoon.

Come on back again to check on our progress!


  1. What a wonderful milestone finally getting to see what the quilts are going to look like. They are all so beautiful. This post sure represents a lot of work.

  2. Oh, these are going to be the brightest completions yet in a week or so. They all are such incredible quilts!
    Congratulations to all of you!

  3. Lovely to see all the work come together. Great job!

  4. Oh my gosh - they are going to be just gorgeous!

  5. Isn't it amazing to see the "same" quilt done by different quilters all together like this........each one is unique and GORGEOUS!!!!
    You will be a pro at curves when you finish this one!

  6. Wow - those are going to be stunning quilts! I just love the colours and the designs...fab fab fab!

  7. I started this quilt on my own about 3 months ago. I wanted a challenge and boy did I get one!! I love looking at your process and the different colors. I am making "kites" and "u's" right now. I just pray that is lays flat!Keep up the good work. They look incredible!