Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring... and a little sewing.

The crocuses in my garden are starting to bloom and, even though it snowed (again!) this week, they are doing their best to look cheery in the cold...
These daffodils had a thin veil of ice over them after the snow/freezing rain we had this week.

This chipmunk lives in my backyard and he came out for a while before it snowed to take a look at the garden. I have not seen him since it snowed on Wednesday.

This witch-hazel bush was just planted last year and it is in bloom too, although it does not look as happy since it snowed. 

The Elgin Piecemakers met at my house this past week. Our next charity quilt will be made from Asterisk blocks from the Selvage Blog. We are each to make 4 6" blocks--two with warm backgrounds and cool asterisks, and two with cool backgrounds and warm asterisks. Heather Stewart will be so proud of us when she finds out we are using the colour theory we learned in our Indian Orange Peel class in our next charity project!  I made my blocks today. See this link to the Selvage Blog to see how we are going to set them in a charity quilt or two.

I also finished off two more fabric leaf bowls for the CQA Quilt Ontario Show in May 2011 in London, Ontario. 

I may do some more sewing tonight... I will keep you posted.

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  1. Looks like you've been busy. Those leaf bowls look fab and your asterisk blocks make me think if Union Jacks! They will look great when they are put together.